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IPO 2022

Bawat's order book is growing, and the company is now going public to increase further growth. The proceeds will be used to strengthen international sales and marketing efforts. 


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Watch the video: Bawat's CEO Marcus Hummer introduces you to the company.

About Bawat

Bawat is a Greentech company founded in 2011 to develop a simple and sustainable method for treating ballast water from ships.

The United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) estimates that up to 10 billion tonnes of ballast water is discharged from shipping into the world's seas, lakes and rivers each year. This discharge poses a serious environmental and economic threat as ballast water can contain invasive species and microorganisms. Invasive species outcompete existing local species with harm to the environment, public health, and society.

Bawat's ballast water treatment system pasteurizes (heat treats) the ballast water using only the excess heat from the ship's engines. Bawat's heat-based system is economically, operationally, and environmentally advantageous compared to other methods on the market, which uses chemicals, filters, or energy-intensive solutions to treat the ballast water.

Bawat's system is also available as a container-based mobile version, which can be used to treat ballast water from land - typically in ports, docks, shipyards or temporarily placed on a ship.

Bawat’s patent protected system is currently the only heat-based system on the market approved by both the IMO and the U.S. Coast Guard. 

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